Let’s Help Girls Say “I Don’t”
to Child Marriage

Every year, more than 12 million girls are married before they turn 18. Some are as young as 8 years old. Child marriage happens across countries, cultures, and religions. It is a human rights violation that deprives girls of an education and locks them into a lifetime of poverty.

Today, the wedding industry is centered on the idea of celebrating couples who choose each other. This makes it uniquely positioned to take a stand on the global issue of child marriage and as couples say “I Do” they can help girls around the world say “I Don’t” or “Not Yet.”

VOW Pro is a program uniquely created for wedding professionals, providing easy ways to help raise awareness and funds to end child marriage. Join this global network and stand up for the rights of girls to choose their own futures.

Become a VOW Pro Today

Here are 4 ways you can help end child marriage:

Follow @vowforgirls on social media and take part in our social media campaigns such as International Day of the Girl.

Display your VOW Pro Badge on your website, social media, and materials to raise awareness of child marriage and highlight your stand to be part of the solution.

Share VOW’s mission and materials with clients so they can get involved. Examples include starting a fundraiser, donating in lieu of gifts, or adding VOW as the charity of choice on their wedding registry.

Encourage your colleagues and other vendors to join VOW Pro. Your advocacy and referrals can increase awareness and impact as more wedding professionals join and take a stand against child marriage.


Be recognized –  Show your clients and colleagues that you stand up for girls by displaying exclusive VOW Pro badges on your social media channels, website, and in your email signature.

Regular updates – Receive the latest news and information on child marriage and the impact you’re making.

Resources – Receive social media content to use during campaign moments throughout the year and materials about VOW to share with clients.

Spotlight – Opportunities to be featured by VOW on social media, our email newsletter, or in media stories.

Exclusive offers – Receive exclusive offers from VOW brand partners.


Become a VOW Pro+

Looking for ways to extend your impact on child marriage beyond VOW Pro? For those looking to incorporate VOW into your business model through regular gifting, VOW Pro+ may be a good fit for you. VOW Pro+ requires a minimum of a US$10 donation in a calendar year to qualify (donation amount and frequency is at your discretion). Examples include donating in honor of each new booking or sale, or in lieu of business gifts, making an annual or semi-annual donation, as well as creating fundraising moments (sales, events, etc).

VOW Pro+ members will unlock VOW Pro+ digital assets to share on your website and social media.